The course offered a sense of joy and love with rigor!
— -2015 participant, MFT
I re-ignited passion and belief in myself.
— -2015 participant, somatic practitioner
I learned that is is possible for me to build a successful business, that I have the right to, the ability to, that I give myself the permission to believe it’s possible, that I am developing the practices and beliefs to make it possible, and that I’m already doing it!
— 2015 participant, community healer
I would definitely refer this course to a friend who is getting started or wanting to improve; aside from being incredibly identity and development affirming, it creates space to really think about what kind of practice works for you.
— 2015 participant, PysD
Dealing with my issues around money is just as important if not more important than actually doing business admin. This course is maybe the only way I could imagine confronting really boring business stuff, especially to be in community with other queer and social justice folks fills me with such joy. So much gratitude!
— 2015 participant, MFTI
It’s been well worth the investment, and I think it will likely more than pay for itself through the connections made, tools given, learning and motivation provided.
— Quinn Peck, MFTI
The Peacock Course was so transformative for me - it was a perfect blend of concrete information and tools and emotional exploration and support. And it was so affirming, encouraging and motivating to be learning together as a group, as well as the one on one with my buddy.
— Rebecca Kraus, LCSW
Philipe is passionate, grounded, supportive, nurturing and motivating.
— 2015 participant, LCSW
I am actually making stuff happen around money and business!
— 2015 participant, MFT
Philipe was very authentic and engaging, had a great sense of humor and demonstrated a depth in connectivity. Good mixture of “didactic” structure, therapeutic engagement and group facilitation. It was a collaborative learning process.
— Erin , PsyD
Philipe is very well rounded and can combine artsy practice, nitty gritty business, somatics and other surprising things along with great guest speakers. And the books changed my life!
— Sparkle Thornton, yoga teacher & massage therapist
The course is giving me much needed opportunities to connect with new people in positive ways that can be hard to find outside of school. Thank You!

— Midwife
During the course I was able to attain guidance and scaffolding; entering this course there were many dark or dimly lit areas, and quite a formless “blob” of ideas about the ways I wanted to offer help, and how to put it out there...this course helped to galvanize so much thinking, in areas that shed light on those areas, and also gave me some flashlights to use in the future.
— 2015 participant, PysD
I feel like I needed this over 10 years ago when I started my practice, but didn’t take myself seriously enough and thought that I should know all the answers and therefore didn’t deserve help.
— 2017 participant, PsyD
Now I have a realistic view towards the kind of fees I should be charging in order to make what I want to make and thus more confidence in it.
— Sex Educator
The course helped me feel more comfortable with and clear about how to market my business - it doesn’t seem so mysterious or insurmountable. More ease around setting and collecting fees.
— 2015 participant, LCSW
The skills in the course are allowing me to create and cultivate practices that will support my business being sustainable, balanced and fueled by generativity and longevity.
— 2015 participant, MFT
Philipe offered a grounded approach to building websites and exploring impact of that process on our own power/dignity/emotional well-being.
— Sexological Bodyworker
During the course I was able to work on tons of issues about money, shame, organizing, moving into private practice and actually wrote content for my website!
— Dona Hirschfield-White, LCSW
Just feeling the commitment and support from Philipe, the integrity and grounding was amazing. I appreciated all the evocative questions and inquiries.
— 2015 participant, MFT

Having a course buddy gave me someone to stay accountable to in between sessions, and definitely to get more work done than I would have on my own. I think building a chosen coworker relationship with my buddy gives me a sense of excitement and potential for continuing to stay on track with building my practice.
— 2015 participant, MFTI
Spreadsheet & practice checklists are really helpful tools for creating systems and practices for me to take myself seriously as an entrepreneur without overwhelm. And with self-love, dignity, integrity and professionalism that supports rather than diminishes my authenticity.
— 2016 participant, Therapist
Philipe has such an ease that I find comforting and inspiring. Your insight and response to what people have to say is so fucking on point!
— Radical Spiritual Director
Thank you for creating such a safe, nurturing and creative space and for providing information, resources, guidance and inspiration. I could feel how much you put into the course and how much you loved leading it!
— 2015 participant, LCSW