Why take the Peacock Course?

You spent tens of thousands on your degree-- don't wait another year to give yourself the information and support you need to ensure your ideal clients find you. You can support yourself financially while you support your clients with pricing guidance and business planning support.

Opening a practice takes some investment of unpaid time, money and faith. Past Peacock Course participants have taken out small loans, borrowed from friends or family or successfully fundraised the course fee on crowdfunding in just a few days because their community knew how much they were needed. You will begin earning more quickly with the skills you will learn and practice in the course. 

There are tons of marketing courses out there. Marketing is the easiest part. As healers and therapists, we know it's the inner work that will set us free. The deep self valuing and financial uncovering process will allow us to remove unconscious blocks and fully thrive. Take the next step on your path with a supportive community of practitioners using the power of expressive arts and somatic work.

I have witnessed so many of my talented colleagues experience needless procrastination and self doubt. I’ve seen some give up just when they had all the skills and experience to be incredible therapists and practitioners. They just needed the business training and mentorship to work through insecurities that cause procrastination. 

I've watched people enroll in expensive trainings to learn another new modality when what they really needed was some practical knowledge and emotional work to make their practice a success. (You're already a powerful healer!) A few of them made the investment to intentionally learn the skills and do the deep inner work it takes to build a successful practice. Now they are enjoying financially sustainable work that they love. 

 The good news is you don’t need to pay to learn more modalities, spend thousands of dollars on a business coach or to go to awkward heteronormative networking events to build your practice. Yes, building a successful practice is a lot of hard work. But it's not magic. And it can be lots of fun!

Not just an incredible wealth of information, but so clear, concise, organized, and pleasurable to learn from/watch/be with. It was the opposite of overwhelm! Presenting the top four things to know/do and making them seem easy.
— Sexological Bodyworker
I LOVED how practical it was. There were so many really helpful pieces of orienting information. So much that I wouldn’t have muddled into on my own without a lot of suffering first!
— Birth worker
I have found this course to be of great value for me with community, accountability, and a ton of information! I want to take it again!
— Therapist
I had refused to look at my finances. It felt too overwhelming. I also didn’t know where the hell to start with taxes and when I asked people to help they just spit out a bunch of words that I thought I didn’t understand. It felt like mashed potatoes in my head. The way you explained it was so helpful and I realized that I actually know more than I expected. Now I know I can actually do this!
— Acupuncturist


Peacocks attract attention with their gorgeous feathers. They naturally embody their dignity, show their talents and draw people toward them with their vibrancy and vitality. Peacocks are grounded in their wealth of feathers whether their plumage is carried behind them or fully displayed in their work. They are not afraid to stand out and show their unique offer to the world so other peacocks can effortlessly find them.