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Much more than a marketing or business workshop... 

The Peacock Course:

  • isn't just didactic training. The Peacock Course is holistic in addressing practical, emotional and spiritual aspects of sustainably offering your unique gifts to the community. 

  • doesn't use a one-size-fits-all marketing model. We support you in finding efficient strategic ways to find the clients you most love to work with in a way that's fun for you.

  • isn't a one time surface level training. We meet over several months to support the deep work and relationships it takes to get underneath patterns that hold us back in being successful in building a thriving practice.

  • isn't just a class. We use partner and small group work so you get plenty of space and support to create your own concrete business, self wellness and marketing strategies that will serve you for years to come.

  • isn't a bunch of lectures and power points. The Peacock Course uses art, somatic work and play to transform blocks and fears so you can be freer to share your full offering with the world.


Is the peacock course for you?

  • Do you love your healing work but have to work side jobs to pay the bills?
  • Are you confused about how to offer sliding scale rates to serve the people you care about while earning a sustainable income?
  • Do you suffer from 'imposter syndrome' because you are under or just not represented in your field but know you are so desperately needed by your community? 
  • Does a business course sound boring, evil or even scary because you're more of a revolutionary or creative type?
  • Are you paying a lot for supervision and space and just need more clients?
  • Do you suspect that some unresolved issues around receiving money, professional identity or self worth may be at play in your journey?
  • Are you finding yourself procrastinating on the nitty gritty business planning and marketing steps you know you need to take? Or not know what the action steps are?
  • Does your website need some work? Or not exist?
The Peacock course helped me harness what makes me unique in my field, and made the ‘business’ side of my job creative and fun. Philipe created a very thorough program that can take you from right out of school to launching your new business. I’d take the Peacock Course again; it is so rich with information that I will continue to integrate. Thanks for creating something so necessary for social justice and queer communities.
— Sparkle Thornton, massage therapist & yoga teacher