Your work is all about your clients' well-being. The Peacock Course is all about yours.


We center Trans, Queer & Social Justice therapists and wellness practitioners who serve our communities. We welcome all identities and healing modalities!


The Mission

The Peacock Course supports Trans, Queer and Social Justice practitioners to create thriving practices that serve communities healing from trauma and oppression so we can build powerful movements for social and environmental justice.

With the power of Generative Somatics and Expressive Arts, the course offers:

Essential skills

  • Revitalize your vision, speak your purpose and embody your full offering
  • Heal layers of doubt, scarcity, internalized oppression, limiting beliefs and constraining patterns that may be holding back your power
  • Create your ideal schedule and envision your most resourced healing space
  • Set up your own rituals for self-wellness during your work day and beyond
  • Address fear, doubt and procrastination with peer support and group momentum

Essential information

  • Begin to create or improve a unique and compelling website and professional portrait to attract the clients you love to work with
  • Learn how to offer sliding scale rates and create financially sustainability
  • Save time and money with professional mentorship in business planning including budgeting, sole proprietor taxes, business licenses, liability insurance and basic accounting
  • Design an authentic marketing plan and enjoyable networking strategy
Created by community request, this interactive, customizable, step-by-step course gathers everything I’ve learned from business mentors, marketing books, successful practitioners and years of trial and error all in one place. We will attend to the practical and emotional aspects that must be addressed simultaneously to create a thriving private practice.
— Philipe L. Harrington, MFT, Trainer